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  • Blog Post: Patience is a Virtue in the World of Deus Ex

    Deus Ex is one of those rare games that can either be as deep or as shallow as you want. It all depends on how you decide to approach its subject matter and how invested you choose to become in its mature narrative. On the surface you're getting a FPS/stealth hybrid with a sprinkling of RPG elements... More
  • Blog Post: Check the tech

    It has a decent concept as far as the story is concerned some of the ideas about the tech should be placed on the concept of how the set up in the original games compared to Deus Ex Human Revolution. I'm actually surprised that they didn't attempt the remaking of the original games to bring them... More
  • Blog Post: The Revolution is a Success

    Normally, I would've never picked up a Stealth game. It's not that I hate them, but with being a high school with a minimum wage job, I have to choose carefully what gets my $60. That's why what really drove me to buy this game at first, was Square Enix. It's always been my favorite company... More
  • Blog Post: Better than I thought

    This game really suprised me. When I first heard about the comeback of one of my favorite pc games. How could you not love Adam Jensen the cyborg dude who throws vending machines off a building.If ur not a fan of stealth games or rpg's youll still love this game because of suprising yet unique story... More
  • Blog Post: My first contender for GOTY

    Without a doubt this game is one of the best from this generation. There are some problems along the way but to me the better parts of this game far out weight them. This is a game all about choices and it follows through on them. Whether you want to stealth, go guns blazing, or hack your way through... More
  • Blog Post: Playin it now so don't be a putz

    I am currently playing this game now. I literally turned it of about 5 min ago. Why (user error)? Cause I am stuck. And this is a good thing. I am tired of basically breezing through games. The graphics are great. User control and interface is excellent. Controls respond well considering what your "augmentation... More
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