I was skeptical about getting it Deus ex at first. It looked great, and looked fun, but I was still not 100%. Then, I took a shot in the dark, and it was good hit. Not completely succesful hit, but still a good hit.

Graphics are good. Cutscenes can look very good. Campaign looks good to, but sometimes it doesn't look good. Story is good, and the score is good also.

Gameplay has a few pros, and a few cons. The goods are there's plenty to do. There's about 15-25 hours so you'll be busy. The bad is you hardly get ammo, and finding it is difficult. It can be very annoying. Still the gameplay has it's strength and weakness.

Overall, this is a great sci-fi rpg. Not as good as mass effect, halo, or gears of war, but still a great sci-fi. It can be very fun, and great. I would rent this first though. I mean should you try it: yes. Should you buy it: I ddon't know. That's why I would give Deus ex: Human Revolutions a

9 out of 10