Never thought that I'd buy this game,I wasn't very interested,largely because of the first person camera view,it just turned my excitement down. But when I found this game $30 cheaper than the other game I thought why not? And boy,I was SO wrong about this game,I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

First off,I'd like to give this game's city design some love. 2027 Detroit looks really futuristic,the high buildings all over the city makes you feel like in a beautiful future jungle,and it's awesome. The detalisation of the cars,building and the inside rooms are really pretty,I enjoyed walking around the police department going down the elevators and just looking at people asking evidences questions. It is an entire world,it's so big and unique that it doesn't pay attention to you.

                                   Adam,you're a cyborg,you don't need an apartment,give it to me please

Also I'd like to note the originality of the world,when you turn the TV on there are different news,what happened lately in the world,and the news tells the truth(unlike news nowadays),*ahem* and you can pick up newspapers,you can read them,and it's really easy to controle them,scroll down,zoom. The bad thing is that you can't save them for yourself. There are also audio secretaries and much more,it just doesn't get boring!

But the graphics have their dark side,robotic facial animation and their animation,when you talk to a person you can't get it,are they happy or sad? You can hardly understand because the upper part their face just doesn't move,you can somehow understand their emotions by smiling. And THIS dark side made the awesome city -1 realistic. But the good thing about civilians in the city is that you can press the button and they'll say their opinion,or something funny or sad. And if you ask them with a gun they'll become scared and won't talk to you until you take the gun out of their sight.

The combo system?Well,I can't say much about it because there barely IS some combat. The combo goes down only to gunfights and takedown. Now more about those takedowns. You can choose,just knock your enemy out or kill them,if in the game you only K.O. them you earn a trophy called ''Pacifist'',and another trophy if you kill them. You also can choose,stealth or gunfights? Personally I think that stealth's more fun to play,you should move quietly,wait for you enemy to come closer and then K.O. him,if you should go to another room you shouldn't bother necessarily deal with the guards,you can just pass by them and go to your main objective.

The story is about *SPOILER* a man called Adam Jensen, working as a security leader for Sarif Industries, a company providing augmentations for human's body.The company's attacked,and one of the attackers nearly kills Adam,the only way to save him is replacing his body parts with augmentations. Six months later Adam comes back for some answers*SPOILER END*.The story is something new and interesting,and not just that,it's philosophic,it's about evolution,it's about the things that people do to themselves and humanity.  

                                                 We can save him.We've got the technology

The update system allows you to buy some new abilities and weapons for Adam or update the already existing ones. So it basically allows you to build a cyborg according to your own prefarances and taste,and I think this is pretty awesome.I don't know how others think but I think that this game is really greedy with ammo,you can pick up tons of ammo and guns,but your ammo amount is still low,around 23. When the ammo ends,the first think you think of HIDE HIDE HIDE,so the game kinda makes you to play stealth,but that's just my view.

Now the dialogue box,I can say that it's even better than Mass Effect's,because in ME YOU choose the phrase,but the charachter sais a different phrase. In Deus Ex:HR the charachter actually sais the phrase YOU chose. There are lots of talking options,sympathise,empathise,crush morally,be pessimistic or optimistic etc. I really like the freedom of choice,you have a story to follow,but YOU choose what happenes,you can see the consequences of your choices in 4 different endings. If it's not freedom then I don't know what it is.

Overall this game is just gold,the open world,the updates,the ability to create your own cyborg,the freedom of choice make this game one of the best this year. Bravo Eidos!

But the thing(s) that prevented me from giving this game a 10 are:robotic facial expressions,completely STUPID AI,and first person view,I know it's dumb,but this made the game worse for me.

Hope you liked the review.