Before heading onto the good stuff, let's talk about the negatives: facial animations and choppy shooting.

I agree with the other reviewers when it comes down to the faces. The cinematics the game show real emotion but everything in-between, not so much. I also feel Adam Jensen has truly turned into an absolute cyborg with his monotone voice and the very often blank stares. I usually dont care about graphics in these kinds of games, but c'mon, if one of the biggest factors of trying to sell this game is the graphics itself, try to show something for it.

Now comes the shooting: really choppy at the beginning and kind of improves with the right upgrades.

If my word means anything, I'd recommend going through the game with stealth more than shooting.

Now comes the good part: the choices, stealth-play, plot, and the RPG experience. This game combines RPG, FPS, and Stealth fantastically. Take-Downs are awesome but sucks when it's limited. Yep, you get one "battery" thing and it depletes when you use Take-Down on an enemy, and recharges a bit slowly. This sucks considering you'd want to use another when an enemy suddenly discovers their buddies body lying around. However, I feel this adds to the challenge of the whole experience.

Boss fights are enjoyable if you can make it to be.

Characters are written well and have "personalities" of their own. Of course, there are the those cliche archetypes every now and then like the egomanical CEO, the d-bag scientist, ex-cops who hates working for the system, an enemy chick who wears skin-tight clothes and a hairstyle that belongs to the eighties, etc, etc, etc....

The game is great and enjoyable with enough effects occurring from all the choices you make. Side-quests are abundant enough to deviate yourselves from the actual plot on hand, but the plot alone is good enough to keep going.

Fun game that tests your patience and ability to memorize and visualize.