In general, this game is kickass. I think it combines different elements of games almost perfectly, while at the same time having a VERY awesome story. Characters are also great, and if you like conspiracy, you'll love this game XD. The last thing i'd like to rant on is the amazing interactiveness of the game. Sooo many different choices with who you talk to, what augmentations you upgrade, the choices you make, what you say to the people you talk to, it's all very unique and makes it feel realistic...most of the time. I also think the soundtrack is awesome. Now, a couple of issues. One thing is the inventory system, which can be very annoying sometimes. There have been times where I accidently use an item, or many times where organizing is an issue, and what's with on the circle thing when you press and hold Y, you'll use an item just because you go over it with the stick? It took me a little while to get to know the inventory system, but nevertheless, it is useable and im willing to deal with it for a great game like this. One last thing, boss fights. Not very creative, but at least they don't occur that often. 

Soooo overall, this game is awesome. It's only a little less than perfect, but it's easily one of the best games I own :D