I've Been playing this game for a few days now and I can't get past the combat system. I mean you're suppose to be this uber-awesome cyber warrior,  but you have to eat an energy bar between takedowns...Really!!!  I was really hoping to see the ease of use and polish of the new military shooters and the stealth action of Splinter cell....but NOOOO!!!! it has to clumbsy, choppy, and overall unsatisfying. The voice acting reminded of a Sci-fi channel B movie and character animations are seriously dated, yeah two words MASS EFFECT. Exp pergression is slow, and the AI is all over the palce; I had one guy come straight for me and the other guy was walking into a wall, so dissapionting.  You would also think for being the head of security at a multi -billion dollar corp., you would have full access to weapons, ammo, and mods. Seriously, it was like playing fallout, where you have to scavenge and search every round and weapon you use....LAME!  Super lame!  Also, because of the gunning-on-a-budget feel of the game, it kind of forces you to play 100% stealth, but DON'T forget those all important energy bars, so you can keep kickin' ass without slowin' down! But anyways, the game was ok, if they changed the issues stated above.... I believe it could have competed for game of the year!


This is my opinion of course, and to each there own. :)