And I mean HATE stealth, but this game is FANTASTIC.

You play as Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT officer turned security specialist for human cybernetic technology company Sarif Industries, who finds himself involved in a spiraling world of conspiracies. After a riva company practically kills him in an attack, he unwillingly receives augmentations, placing him in a complex position that makes him understand the costs and benefits of the technology. The story reminds me heavily of "Blade Runner," (A fantastic film that EVERYONE should watch more than once.) 

I cannot get enough of it. I'm already on my second play through, and I've barely had it a week.This game is a bit MGS style stealth, with Rainbow 6 Vegas-esque cover based shooting. This game allows almost total freedom when it comes to handling situations. Room full of badies with high powered rifles? Sneak around all of them with the help of your trusty cloak and a few vent shafts, or you can burst into the room guns blazing. Another aspect of freedom that this game allows comes in the form of upgrades called "Augmentations." These little bad boys are unlocked through Praxis Points which can be accumulated by either gathering enough XP, finding them around the environments, or buying them from a vendor. You can then use the points to upgrade and augment your character from faster sprint times, easier hacking, and many other sweet and useful goodies.

Now, I guess I should just break it down for you:


-The Environment and Atmosphere. They suck you in and never let go. The universe is alive and believable, the technology seems realistic, and everything just fits together so beautifully. 

-The Story. Though it may be a tad simplistic and nothing exactly new, the way the developers use their world and all of its components, the story just seems great. It may fall apart a little bit towards the end, but I never felt truly bored trying while going through the game.

-The Gameplay. This may not have Call of Duty level shooting, but it definitely works well enough, and the stealth is the same story. It is really dumbed down to the degree that all you have to do is make enemies not see you, but again, it works. 

-The Characters. Though you may not talk to every single person, they all seem rather believable and real. From Adam Jensen, our grungy Neo-Batman-hybrid hero, to the business heavy leader of Sarif industries, David Sarif, they all just work. 

-The Sound. Again, it just works; It makes the world breath, the guns feel powerful, the characters come to life, and the soundtrack is just great. I can't stop listening the soundtrack. It fits very well into the cyberpunk genre, and it even has a nice little nudge to Blade Runner at parts, but it does sound very much like Mass Effect. 

-The Graphics. Everything here is just great. The world is gorgeous, the clothes and the guns are crisp and believable. The only downside here, is the facial animations. The faces and the characters themselves look good, just not when they talk. 


-The Boss Battles. This is the only real part of the game where the players have no free will. You basically have to shoot them; no stealthy or hacker-like alternatives. Though not really difficult, it just breaks the game sometimes.

-Transitions From Cutscenes to Gameplay. Don't get me wrong here, the gameplay is great, and the cutscenes are beautifully rendered and are very cinematic. They just cut very harshly in between. It just breaks the illusion of realism in this game that it works to keep.

-Your Battery. Adam Jensen runs on batteries. If you perform a take-down, lift heavy objects and throw them, etc. your battery drains. Very. Quickly. Though you can get more batteries and faster recharge times, it is very odd to have to wait 30 seconds after knocking a guy out to knock out another guard. It's just illusion breaking. Also, when you are preforming a stealth kill or takedown, all the other enemies just stand still. Very much like Assassin's Creed, the other foes just stand bored and idly by as I quickly dispatch their friends. Again, Illusion breaking.


-I really have nothing to put here. This game is absolutely solid.

==========BOTTOM LINE============

This game is fantastic. Everything about it is just great. Pick this game up, I doubt you'll truly regret it. As a hater of stealth based games, I found this game to be very close to amazing. The story, atmosphere, and world are all just great. I cannot stress this enough;