It's hard for me to go out and take a gamble buying new games these days. One game is essentially one tank of gas that could get me to school and work. After purchasing this game, you can imagine how hesitant I was to try playing the new iteration of a previously dormant series, especially after the travesty that is DNF. 

Money well spent? Well, sort of.

Right away, any claims that Human Revolution is a perfect, or even near-perfect game, should be met with suspicion. It isn't, and that occurred to me from the get go. There is a lack of polish present throughout the entire game, in fact. The mannequin-esque facial animations, the over-abundant use of yellow, the emotionless protagonist (you say you're mad, but are you REALLY?! Mr. Jensen...), the brain dead AI, the list goes on.

But for all of it's many blemishes, this game is packed with an engaging story, leveling system, and a level of exploration that hearkens back to the time I spent in Ocarina of Time. You can see where you want to go, but can't just yet because you don't have the right tools, or the right upgrade, or the right connections as yet. And when you finally get there and find a stockpile of weapons like a shiny new rocket launcher, or upgrade, or secret you get a great sense of accomplishment.

Surprisingly, this world feels alive. Weak facial animations be damned! There are things always going on. People talking to each other, searching through trash, huddled around fires, smoking, flipping out cell phones, debating the evils of human augmentation, on and on! With so much going on, it is easy to forgive the weak attempt at a smile or a frown...or in Jensen's case, none at all.

Speaking of which, you would think a man, who's body was severely beaten and then transformed into a controversial machination of war or stealth, would be a lot more angry or energetic or...alive even. MY GOD MAN CRACK A SMIRK YOU JUST BUSTED A DUDE'S NECK AFTER BREAKING THROUGH A BRICK WALL!!! >:O


Erm... sorry about that.

The point is, Jensen gives Master Chief a run for his money in the strong, silent, (boring) type leading protagonist category. Seriously...

Really though, this game does a lot right, and there are so many secrets, so many choices, so many different ways to build your character that the replay alone makes this game worth it. Add to that a great story that traps me into that "just five more minutes" mentality and I wouldn't recommend this game at all for a college student. Seriously, I'm falling behind on my readings x_x... would recommend this to any gamer in need of a nice sci-fi shooter fix.

Closing Thoughts:

While not a perfect experience, Deus Ex: Human Revolution offers up enough to keep many sci-fi affectionados happy. If you can look past the brain dead AI and the strangely emotionless, yet active, denizens of the game world, you're in for a pretty satisfying treat. It certainly helps that the music really DOES sound like Mass Effect o_o... How good is that sound track, right? Let's talk about that for a moment... Nah kidding. I'm done.