As a huge fan of the original Deus Ex I must admit I was very excited and skeptical about the revival of the series. Now that Ion storm was gone would Eidos Montreal be able to bring the same feel back with a new entry in the series. On many front Eidos  Montreal is very successful and provides a great experience but it is not quite the same and has some minor flaws. Let's start with the good: Deus Ex Human Revolution stays true to its roots and provides a solid stealth oriented game with many different ways to handle any given situation. Another element that I really enjoyed are the base hubs. These are places where you can explore, find side quests, and sell and buy things. I liked these more than in the original Deus Ex, they have a more defined feel and have more to do. In general this game has good controls, beautiful graphics (even if some faces look a little off), and vast environments.

The new leveling system is both an improvement and a disadvantage. Now experience you gain does not go to leveling skills but to upgrading and unlocking Augs. However you have a ton more augs to chose from and are no longer limited to one per body part and you don't have to find augs and aug upgrade canisters. However the downside to this is that you no longer increase weapon capabilities separately but instead spend valuable praxis points (what you use to unlock and upgrade augs) on these skills.

On to the bad aspects of this game. There is little to complain about in this game, there are a few things that plague many great games, like mediocre AI (which this game has),  but Deus Ex Human Revolution also has a few oddities that make for a somewhat less enjoyable game. The biggest problem I had is melee combat. Any melee attack is triggered by pressing circle and then an animation initiates showing you killing or knocking out the enemy, all this is fine but to do so you have to exhaust an entire energy cell (these are used to activate some augs). This wouldn't be so bad if you could simply regenerate a lost cell, but you can't. If an energy cell is completely used up the only way to refill is to eat a energy bar, however these become a commodity early on and you often find yourself running around with only one cell and just waiting a lot for it to recharge. This is my biggest problem with the game, because even though you do regenerate, unlike the original, in the original you didn't waste all of you energy killing guys. aside from that the only other problem the game has is that it relies too much on hacking, there are many parts of the game where you need to be a skilled hacker in order to do things without having to kill everyone in an area.

Human Revolution advertised that it had four pillar, Hacking, Social, Combat, and Stealth. They are all present in the game but the two that stand out the most are Hacking and Stealth. As previously mentioned hacking is a near necessity but stealth is almost the only way to play the game (at least using some stealth). Combat isn't applicable in many cases due to the limitations in ammo (not really a bad thing it makes you think), and having very little health. Social plays a very minor role, there are a number of places in the game where you use this but in order to ensure your success you must get the one social augmentation aug and even then you may fail sometimes. There are little ways to complete missions using social which is a shame because I looked forward to that.

In conclusion: this is a good game, it live up to the high standards set by Deus Ex, it doesn't make a better game due to some flaws and a contorted story, but it is still worth a try for fans of the series and newcomers alike.