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Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Choose Tactics Or Stealth In Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Square Enix provides a new tour of Deus Ex in action, guided by Narrative Game Designer Mary Demaro. The development diary gives you get a peek at the first mission in the game, played three ways with three unique approaches.

Designed to showcase multi-path, multi-solution play, the clip focuses on combat and stealth (two of the four core pillars of play). Demaro notes that augments aren’t in effect this early in the game, and there are few enemies standing in your way.

Check out the new clip below. 

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is slated to release August 23 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC

  • hell yes. saw this yesterday. it inspired me to go back and play the original again today. =)

    It's really good to see a minimap. This is exactly what i was talking about with the new Hitman game. It will need one of those.

    Good to see a point system in place and extra points for doing things like being stealthy.The reason the 2nd game wasn't halfway as good as the first one was because they simplified it too much by removing the points to increase their effectiveness with heavy weapons, pistols, hacking, lockpicking, swimming, demolition etc depending on how you want to play the game (in addition to augmentations which give you special abilities).

    From what i've read on the game's official forums and wiki, it will be slightly different than both the first and second where you are buying augmentations with money, but then using the xp to buy abilities with them? I really want to hear more about how the system works more than anything else right now. They've already said they want it to be more accessible, but i hope they don't overdo it like they did with the 2nd game. Freakin casuals. If i made a game i would never bend to people's ignorance to sell more copies. I don't think it will live up to the 1st game in terms of complexity, but hopefully it can make up for it enough in other areas..

    Good to hear that weapons will have upgrades here:

    It will still need to have tons of nice little secrets to find, dialogue options, miscellaneous items (like the fire extinguisher. i always steal people's fire extinguishers), and interactive environments (things like water fountains which restore 1 hp and pool tables). You may laugh, but stupid little details like this go a long way in amusing me.

    Oh and there better be a flamethrower in this game. Love the flamethrower in the first Dues Ex. One blast and it sends enemies running around the room with their hands in the air screaming until they die. Most enjoyable and hilarious weapon in the game.
  • I am biting at the bit for this game, yet somehow I found myself underwhelmed by this trailer. It's very early in the game as mentioned, so I'm sure that's the only reason I wasn't drawn in or impressed by mechanics.
  • So excited for this game, just need to scrounge together enough money to grab a copy.
  • God, this game looks bloody amazing. Better make sure to keep some money for the limited edition when it hits in August.
  • Really cannot wait for this game.

  • I smell high replay value on this one.

  • @ eyros2k I agree actually. This is the first trailer for this game, CG or gameplay, that hasn't blown me away. Still psyched for the game though. One thing they need to get rid of (or at least have a toggle to turn it off) is the yellow highlighting of objects you can interact with. (Most)players aren't idiots, and don't need to be spoon fed like that. Let us explore the game on our own.
  • Man, I really need to replay through the first two games again, before getting this.

    Need to remember the backstory.

    Though since this takes place 25 years before the first game, I guess that would be futurestory?
  • Feels like playing the demo to the original all over again... good times

  • Honestly.. I'm very disappointed. Especially after having seen the cinematic trailer for the game.

  • Honestly.. I'm very disappointed. Especially after having seen the cinematic trailer for the game.

  • I'm glad she used the word "exploration" and not puzzle, because it seems like the non-linear workarounds are very simple to figure out.

  • That is really cool. This game just hit my radar.

  • I hope the yellow highlighted objects can be turned off in the options menu. It would completely ruin any sense of difficulty if not.

  • Sa-weet

  • I hate it when games switch from first to third person.

  • Sick!!!

  • Double post! xD
  • I hope they allow us to have meelee weapons and dispatch of our foes up close and personal; at least an augmentation that gives us great strength and maybe the ability to fight hand-to-hand? I seriously hope they consider it!

  • super exited about this title but agree with everyone in reference to the yellow highlights everywhere in the levels. Come on Eidos dont remember those on titles like Tomb Raider & Legacy of Kain (some of my all time favs from you guys), hopefully this will be an augmentation device that can be disable, if not its going to hurt replay value and the overall enjoyment since it will cut the length of any play through.
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