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Unpacking The Demo

Our video interview with Bungie president Harold Ryan offers additional insight into classes, weapons, upgrades, and Cortana's replacement.

One of the most exciting demos of E3's press conferences was the first public unveiling of gameplay for Bungie's Destiny. On the following morning at the E3 show floor, we sat down with Harold Ryan to go into additional detail on all the new content that was seen in the extended live gameplay sequence. He spoke to us about several of the features that we saw for the first time in this new demo. We got more details on the game's upgrade system and weapons, and he explained the three classes on display in the game, implying that more were on the way in future announcements. He also offered some detail on the "ghosts," new companion characters that fulfill a similar role to Cortana in Bungie's previous Halo games.

Check out our full video interview directly below, and scroll further down for a bevy of new screenshots for Destiny. 

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  • I have too many shooters on preorder lol.  Good thing Titanfall isn't a launch title too!  Definitely getting Destiny, love me some Bungie.

  • I was on the fence about this game at first. I mean it sounded exciting but I wasn't sure if I would be getting it, but after that demo shown I am definitely checking it out.

  • This game looks amazing and definitely agree with the "first" post. Between this and Titanfall, Im going to run out of free time haha

  • Damn it Bungie, just take my money and let me have the game already! Maybe I won't be bad at this FPS.

  • This game looks amazing!

  • This and Watch Dogs are on the top of my list for next gen. Awesome interview GI, can't wait for more info!

  • You know what impressed me the most? I normally get horribly ill anytime I watch or play a 1st person shooter (or 1st person anything, really), usually within just a minute or 2. I watched this entire demo during the Sony conference, and didn't have the slightest problem. Here's hoping that the next gen of consoles will end my 1st person sickness!

  • This game looks amazing!

  • I'm definitely getting this on its release date. I've been more and more excited about this game, and the actual gameplay footage at E3 was awesome. I'm very excited about this title.

  • This looks cool and I'll definitely be getting it, but.... it looks just like Halo. Which is kind of lame :/
  • Look at that coat technology!

  • Almost every next gen game looks amazing. I will be so broke!

  • Looks pretty slick.  Bungie always puts out a solid product.

  • The massive size of the wall alone that they were heading into really made me happy to think what's to come in terms of scale & detail next gen will be bringing us. Impressive all around.

  • Can't wait to play this game!

  • Glad to see Bungie still going strong... and multi-platform... Just in time.

  • yep im sold

  • Looks like an awesome shooter. Can't wait for it on the PS4.