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A Closer Look At Bungie's Armor, Weapons, And Loot

Collecting loot isn't just for RPGs anymore. Bungie's new shooter Destiny features an endless sea of collectible armor, weapons, and other gadgets that should keep you busy for a long time. Get a quick rundown of the gear you can hunt down when the game comes out in this developer diary.

Want a fire-spewing shotgun or a armor-piercing fusion rifle? How about a collection of armor that ranges from neo-Roman to '60s retro? Destiny has all that and more. Get the full scoop in the video below as you prepare for Destiny's September 9 release. Also, don't forget to check out our breakdown of the game's five most important features.


[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • i cannot wait for this game its why i bought a ps4..
  • Between this and Inquisition I think I'll be set from September-December.
  • cant wait for E3 and the beta... Really looking forward to this always love a good space sci fi shooter :D Though dont understand the hate some people are giving this... :/
  • I'm not buying a console. PC > Marketing exclusives
  • Between this and the Borderlands Pre Sequel, I'll be shooting and looting for a long time. Can't wait for the fall.
  • Destiny just looks almost too amazing. When that game comes out I don't know what will be able to pull me away from it. I wonder what else they have to do to finish the game.

  • I'm ready to give you my money

  • This game kinda makes me happy in the pants area.

  • Can't wait to sink countless hours into this game.The elemental weapons remind me of Borderlands.

  • A truly next-gen game and I love how they added a deep loot system to a FPS. I can't wait to dive into the story of Destiny.

  • so glad they added the private loot system. it's going to make co-op so much more fun.
  • Cant wait to play this freaking game on my X1!!!!!
  • Very loot. Much weapons. So Armor. Wow.
  • I'm keen to know if you can carry limitless weapons or if your character only has so much backpack space. Taking Borderlands as an example even though you could extend your carry space, in later game I was constantly agonising over decisions for what weapons to drop/sell or horde, I found this ultimately reduced my enjoyment of the game. I simply can't wait for Destiny to ship.
  • just another sci fi game sigh. i will never get that sci fi fantasy game:3
  • I can't wait for this~

  • Is there any way to block news stories about this overhyped garbage?
  • I have this game pre-ordered but i can't shake the feeling this game is going to miss the bar. I am predicting ratings of at least 9 across the board from all the major reviewers, sell enough to make a sequel viable and be forgotten in 6-8 months until said sequel is eventually announced. With that said it will still have its share of consistent fans who play beyond that 6-8 month period but I wager the population will drop off significantly. I just can't see this game living up to the legacy of Halo that Bungie created that franchise was their crowning jewel and i don't think Destiny can top it.
  • Man, as they peel the curtain back on this game I get even more excited for September. Nothing gets my attention quite like unique loot.

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