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Community Thank You Video Showcases New Destiny Gameplay And Environments

As a thanks for all the support Destiny has received at shows like E3 and the recent Gamescom, Bungie has released a video showcasing new environments and gameplay.

In the video you will see new powers, new weapons, and new areas, but they go by quickly so make sure not to blink.

Despite Destiny's prevalence at these shows, Bungie has still been very guarded about the game. We still don't know a whole lot about the world of Destiny, so every bit of information, like the content featured in this relatively short video, is very exciting.

Destiny is coming to current and next-generation platforms next year. For the latest Destiny update, head here.

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  • So looking forward to this. Easily my most wanted game thus far for 2014.
  • Wait! What happened, I blinked.
  • I'm a little bit more excited for Titanfall, but this looks like it's gonna be great!
  • nice that they are showing some appreciation

  • Just to point out this game is still in pre-alpha stage.
  • Actually, I think the majority of that video is new content. Which is awesome.

    I've said it before and I'll say it a thousand more times: if you ask me, no developer shows greater appreciation and connection to its fanbase than Bungie. It's the biggest reason that I'm a huge fan.
  • I VANT TO PLAY IT! After Bungie stopped making Halo and disappeared from the gaming world it was so depressing. I was trapped in a world where a new Bungie experience was totally absent, but now we're so close to playing their next
  • Yeeeaaah. I want to see the game not the people.
  • Destiny is looking better and better, and Bungie is doing a great job of slowly revealing their next big experience. I love what Bungie does community wise too, it really sets them apart from other devs. Can't wait to see more of Destiny.

  • "make sure not to blink." Is there Weeping Angels in this video? O_O
  • It's amazing how such little new footage makes me so ecstatic.

  • I... there was unique content there?

  • I want an ONI sequel already please!
  • I'm very interested in this game, but I was never very much of a Halo fan, so I'm a little worried that this won't appeal to me in reality either. Halo as an IP always looks cool, but I just couldn't get into it as a game.
  • Just because Bungie is making the game, I feel the need to get it.

  • Bungie
  • I didn't think Bungie could top Halo, but I have to admit that Destiny looks like it could easily surpass it. Count me excited.

  • I still don't know how to feel about this game...
  • For some reason, I am just way more pumped for this over TitanFall. But I do consider myself biased, as I am a huge Bungie fan.
  • Man! This game looks like its going to kick ask!

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