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Destiny Gameplay And In-Engine Footage

Bungie opened its doors to the world to reveal Destiny today. Along with an extensive preview from us, Bungie also released a documentary chronicling the game's development. We've pulled the brief gameplay and in-engine footage from the video to create a an easily digestible glance at what Destiny will look like.

Check out the video below.

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  • Needs more space marine.
  • Well now. Looks interesting kinda.
  • i hope to god those aren't next gen graphics.
  • graphics aren't great
  • The semblances between the weapons of Halo are many and intriguing as well.

  • Halo and Marathon are prolly the best shooters ive ever played, gonna guess this one will be among them aswell.

    Cant wait to give it a go!

  • Sweeet video.
  • I'm definitely interested in this game as a FPS but I'd like to see a RPG in a setting like this.
  • Doesn't seem like they strayed too far.

  • Even if it's a work in progress, it looks great.

  • I want

  • Wow when an Alpha build looks as good as Halo 4, you know this game is gonna look great on next-gen consoles. Let's hope story and gameplay match it, not like i'm not expecting it to.
  • Destiny is going to be amazing.
  • That's Marty's music alright!


  • Why is the sound quality so bad? Is it just the GI player?
  • I want it.

  • Humanity in the future on the brink of of elite soldiers are the world's last hope...gigantic mysterious space Bungie, way to clone your own series.
  • Destiny is like the poor-man's Defiance.
  • So is destiny an open world fps or a linear one.
  • All of which was already in the documentary video, just spliced together on its own.
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