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Tron Legacy Director Helms Destiny Live Action Trailer

I was wondering when we were going to see another Bungie live action trailer. It’s been a long time since the Jon Favreau-directed “The Law of the Jungle” trailer that was released in May 2013.

Now, less than a week before Destiny arrives on store shelves, we have something a bit peppier. The new trailer shows off the exploits of a fireteam as they cross the solar system from the Moon to Venus to Mars.

This time out, Activision and Bungie enlisted the efforts of director Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy). You’ll also note the classic sounds of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” from long ago in Earth’s past.

You’ll be able to do the same when Destiny arrives on September 9 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. For more, check out our guide to getting ready for the game.

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  • I wouldn't mind watching a movie based on this concept

  • Them Special effects were pretty hip, but the voice acting could've been better. Dinklage actually did the best job out of everyone that time
  • Well how about that!?

  • Now that was badass.

  • What a kickass live action trailer! Titan Class FTW!!!!!
  • Cheesy, but I liked it.

  • That was horrendous.
  • That was, Awesome! A real live action movie would be BA. Can't wait for Tuesday. I've got the day off.

  • That trailer was sufficiently awesome. :D

  • Step 1: Awesome Trailer. Step 2: Epic Game. Step 3: Movie.

  • So awesome. I love when an IP is cared about so much that things like this are deemed worth it. Amazing work. 5 more days people!

  • Bungie loves their live action.

  • Pretty darn good. Loved the classical music

  • Bungie never disappoints with their live-action stuff. This was no exception.

  • Loved.

  • That was fun! :)

  • Everything could use a little Led Zeppelin.

  • That was pretty sweet, I can't wait till Tuesday!

  • That was the best live-action trailer I've seen since Halo:Landfall way back in 2007.

    Awesome job Bungie!

  • Pretty impressive trailer, about as awesome as all the other live action Halo trailers.

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