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Get Your Butt To Mars For Destiny’s Dust Palace Strike

Yesterday, we showed you a PlayStation-exclusive map for Destiny’s competitive Crucible mode. Today, we get a look at an exclusive strike on Mars, called Dust Palace.

Dust Palace is a three-person mission that, like the beta’s journey to conquer Sepkis Prime, will take you about half an hour to complete. You’ll meet the Cabal and the Vex there, including some tricky enemies that are vulnerable to specific damage types (discernible from the colors of their cloaks).

Destiny is out on September 9 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. For more, check our guide to help you get ready to take your place among the stars. 

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  • "fk everyone wanna be legend. whay not an ordinary man???"

  • since when is destiny Rated T?
  • since when is destiny Rated T?
  • Was anyone else not too impressed by the beta?
  • Can't wait! I didn't play the beta too much because i didn't want to spoil the main game, but from what i played, this is going to be one of my favorite games this year!

  • 5 days!! Just 5 more days until FPS BLISS! Love the Total Recall reference!
  • I feel when I play this I'll just act like Schwarzenegger and troll about.

  • 5 more days til I get my Destiny PS4 Bundle.


  • I can't wait to hear about the final version of Destiny after it rolls out next week. I enjoyed the beta but I had some difficulties with the game as a deaf gamer (anyone else try out those subtitles?). But I am disappointed in this update that the color coding continues by discerning enemy weaknesses based on their cloak color.

  • I'm not a massive fan of online FPS but this game looks cool enough to give it another shot.

  • "Cohaagen! Give the butts air!" I take it no one caught the Total Recall homage in the tag?
  • I've got the release day off. Enough Said.

  • another Destiny thred/commercial... jesus... Activision is really pushing this thing.
  • I love how nobody cares its online only. ESPECIALLY Sony fans lol. They ruined this generation and potentially the next for everyone.
  • All you Dust Palace Base thingy are belong to us!!!

  • All you Dust Palace Base thingy are belong to us!!!


  • Bungie, why no love for your Xbox fans?