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Bungie's Jason Jones Gives You A 7-Minute Destiny Walkthrough

In this new video, the head of Bungie himself demos over seven minutes of awesome gameplay footage.

While we'd be happy just to have a trailer this long, it's even cooler that it's narrated by Bungie founder Jason Jones.

  • This is the perfect video to show newcomers to Destiny. Summarizes everything you need to know quick and easy. My two cents? After playing the Alpha, I'm 100% sure that Bungie has a blockbuster franchise on their hands. It's gorgeous, it plays wonderfully, and there's plenty of stuff to entertain you.
  • so hyped, I want it

  • The alpha was great! I can't wait to play more when the beta comes out.

  • Wow, I have been impressed.

  • played alpha, watched trailer, AWESOME. Can't wait

  • Are you just going to be able to go to Venus, Moon, Earth, and Mars? Will there be anything beyond that?

  • Looks great! Thanks!

  • Great game for both consoles.

  • Great game for both consoles.

  • Pure epicness!

  • Destiny doesn't get enough praise and attention in my book. I think Bungie's name just has so much credibility that everyone knows Destiny will be a great game.

  • Im ready, im so ready!!! Come September I'm ready to explorer our Solar System!!!!

  • Very nice. Can't wait to play this beta!