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Bungie's Jason Jones Gives You A 7-Minute Destiny Walkthrough

In this new video, the head of Bungie himself demos over seven minutes of awesome gameplay footage.

While we'd be happy just to have a trailer this long, it's even cooler that it's narrated by Bungie founder Jason Jones.

  • first!!!
  • I'm looking forward to finding out what is in the Vault of Glass.
  • While I did enjoy the alpha, I think the beta has to show off more varied activities that I know this world has the potential for, fix issues such as lack of a map, and show that objectives aren't just variations on the "find and shoot" mission. I am optimistic after what I've played, so hopefully the changes are made or just haven't been shown yet.
  • Welp. I am ready.
  • Loving the Alpha demo, please make a collectors edition?!

  • I was a little worried about this game. But after this video, September cant come soon enough.
  • Can I also get a 60 second walk through of why you decided to fire Martin O'Donnell?
  • You heard it here first! Destiny can be beaten in 7 minutes. Not worth the money
  • Love this game so far. I got into the Alpha and it was wonderful so far. As long as everything that they say is going to be there in the final version is there this is definitely going to be a GOTY contender for me.
  • My body is ready.

  • I see more and more ppl giving Bungie crap about this game, and I can't help but think it's mainly because they chose to give up Halo and move on. I was in the Alpha, and as far as Alphas go, it was good. No issues at all and ran well w/o no lag. The only gripe I have is that there is clipping, in that your allies get in the way sometimes when trying to go for cover or out of it lol. I'd prefer no clipping when it came to allies, but that's just me.
  • This video is like 4 days old...
  • This game is really looking good. Can't wait for it to come out.

  • Can't get my hands on this game fast enough.

  • Bungie just make the game a choice between first person and third person, and it would be great. It seems like there's a lot of third person stuff in there anyways, so why not give the player more freedom in that regard?
  • Sensory overload

  • The alpha is incredibly fun!

  • Bring Split-Screen Back


  • This is the best trailer for Destiny yet! My hype level for this game is through the roof!
  • As much as I look forward to the vault of glass I wish they wouldn't have told us about it and let us discover the end game area on our own. Nothing has ever topped the feeling I had playing Pokemon Gold for the first time and finding out there was a Mt Silver with the ultimate trainer waiting at the top.
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