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Bungie's Official Destiny Website Updates With New Images And Video

Bungie's official Destiny website has gotten a large update adding all kinds of video content to the site.

You can head here to take a look, just make sure you have an updated browser. The new videos aren't in trailer form, but are instead split into little sequences spread throughout the updated site. Along with clips of gameplay on the main page, you will also find videos showcasing the Titan, Warlock, and Hunter classes, as well as find factoids on the Fallen, Hive, Vex, and Cabal enemies.

For more on Destiny, check out all of our features from when the game appeared on our cover. 

[Source: DestinyTheGame.com, via NeoGAF]

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  • Destiny! Destiny! No escape left for me! Destiny, Destiny, the only way left for me!

  • The wait is KILLING ME! God, this game CANNOT come out fast enough! ......I wonder if they'll have tie-in novels like with Halo?
  • The real question is, "When will the Beta invites go out?" I won my invite from Game Informer and Bungie said they would announce beta information in early 2014. We're now heading into May and no word.
  • That site is freaking gorgeous.

  • It looks really neat, especially that footage of the Fallen with that DOF going on. Kinda wish those clips had the option to turn on audio though. I'd love to hear the ambience and stuff.

  • Sorry I know this will likely offend the masses, but this still looks alot like a Halo game.
  • There's ALOTTA potential surrounding this game. SO MUCH POTENTIAL.
  • i have a feeling the game will have a grate story and a lot of things to do in it.

  • A lot of Microsoft/Halo fanboys must be really pissed right now.
  • Blarg! The beta is so close, and I must has! I hope they give the beta date soon.

  • Most anticipated next gen game for me, can't wait to play this one!

  • Still not liking how they let go of one of their most valuable employees "without cause". But unfortunately I'm still really looking forward to this game. Hope we get beta news soon.
  • Looks awesome. If this were any other game no one would give a crap, but since it's Destiny, this is the most important thing right now.
  • Even GI is giving Xbox owners the cold shoulder w/ ps4 tag? Honestly I'm not trying to b*tch but its like Sony has paid Activision to force Bungie to not acknowledge it's also coming out for Xbox. I can't help but be a bit annoyed by it, so many faithful Bungie fans from the Xbox Community, obviously. Course they want to tap into the Sony community now too but..
  • I'll take 8569 copies plz

  • Really wish this was coming to PC.

  • I'm looking forward to this game. Maybe not as much as I should be, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.

  • Destiny, Halo, and Quantum Break are my three must buys for the 2014 holiday season.
  • WOW. Destiny is really coming together.

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