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Unpacking The Demo

Our video interview with Bungie president Harold Ryan offers additional insight into classes, weapons, upgrades, and Cortana's replacement.

One of the most exciting demos of E3's press conferences was the first public unveiling of gameplay for Bungie's Destiny. On the following morning at the E3 show floor, we sat down with Harold Ryan to go into additional detail on all the new content that was seen in the extended live gameplay sequence. He spoke to us about several of the features that we saw for the first time in this new demo. We got more details on the game's upgrade system and weapons, and he explained the three classes on display in the game, implying that more were on the way in future announcements. He also offered some detail on the "ghosts," new companion characters that fulfill a similar role to Cortana in Bungie's previous Halo games.

Check out our full video interview directly below, and scroll further down for a bevy of new screenshots for Destiny. 

This preview was originally published on June 11, 2013.

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  • Destiny!

  • Either going with the Hunter or the Warlock class unless one of the new classes peak my interest more.
  • Only game in a decade that has made me consider going back to consoles.  PS4 now etched on the wish list.

  • bungie i love you

  • PS4 makes a great case for itself. I want one, never had a Bungie game before.

  • Definitely buying this game next year for my Xbox One.  Halo has been my favorite franchise this generation and hopefully Destiny can be as well for the next-gen.

  • I want to know if there's going to be a melee class, or the possibility to focus your core combat skills on melee.
  • this and the division are looking good

  • This game makes getting a PS4 more worth it!
  • I really need more warlock info

  • Gamestop said it comes out 6/30/2014

  • This game looks awesome I cant wait!

  • Can't wait

  • Can't wait to immerse myself in Bungie's new world.

  • I really cant wait to play this, this will be awesome.

  • Extremely excited for this game! The customization looks amazing!

  • I like the way that this game was presented at E3. I'm really excited for this game, and I hope that other go ahead and play as well.
  • Bungie and it's employees are so awesome.

  • wondering if this game will have pvp

  • the ghost actually reminds me more of the oracle