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Unpacking The Demo

Our video interview with Bungie president Harold Ryan offers additional insight into classes, weapons, upgrades, and Cortana's replacement.

One of the most exciting demos of E3's press conferences was the first public unveiling of gameplay for Bungie's Destiny. On the following morning at the E3 show floor, we sat down with Harold Ryan to go into additional detail on all the new content that was seen in the extended live gameplay sequence. He spoke to us about several of the features that we saw for the first time in this new demo. We got more details on the game's upgrade system and weapons, and he explained the three classes on display in the game, implying that more were on the way in future announcements. He also offered some detail on the "ghosts," new companion characters that fulfill a similar role to Cortana in Bungie's previous Halo games.

Check out our full video interview directly below, and scroll further down for a bevy of new screenshots for Destiny. 

This preview was originally published on June 11, 2013.

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  • Mod
    That gameplay during the conference was amazing. I can't wait to play this with a bunch of people. The weapons look awesome.
  • That grey-skinned character has me interested. More so than I was before,
  • I'm still really iffy on this. I'm like 17.3% interested, especially with everything that was announced at E3. So far Kingdom Hearts, The Division, The Crew, Battlefield 4, Mirror's Edge and Infamous have my attention.
  • much more interested in this than I was at first. after seeing it in action, I'd love to get a chance to play it myself. The Public Event kinda reminded me of the Arkfall missions in Defiance.
  • I thought the fallen guys looked really cool, the graphics look great and I can't wait to see what new classes they have because so far the three classes they showed didn't tickle my fancy.
  • Bungie is a great studio, most of the games that they have made I enjoyed. So Destiny really caught my attention it reminded me of halo for some reason maybe just because I kept on thinking of bungie creating halo. The thing that really got me hooked is that you will be able to play with alot of people at once. Plus if you saw the demo it looked beautiful and now comes the big decision for me, ps3 or ps4?
  • Was very disappointing. The game was just sci-fi borderlands.
  • Matt you forgot the XBOX ONE logo
  • I want this game so freaking badly

  • <3 Bungie Play.Forge.Film.

  • Everyone is complaining about this being a sci fi borderlands. Both the Borderlands are GREAT games so why would this be bad. Also this game looks different enough that it will not be the excact same, it also is made by a different company!
  • I'm sure Bungie will make another innovative experience.

  • To be honest, I think this looks much more impressive than Titanfall. It just looks more slick and refined; plus I love Halo's combat, and Destin looks to keep that same Halo-ish combat.
  • I really like this concept with this mysterious Traveler protecting humanity.  But don't these alien races seem a lot like the Covenant?

    And the Vex look too much like the Geth from Mass Effect.

    So what I took away from E3 is that next-gen is all about replicating World of Warcraft type games on consoles.  That sounds pretty cool to me.

  • I'm still trying to put my finger on why this game just doesn't interest me at all. It looks pretty, but it feels like Halo mixed with ALOT of Star Wars down the the Boba Fett costumes. The MMO-ish stuff doesn't do anything for me, and the gunplay looked fairly par for the course...

    I mean.. Bungie broke away from a sci-fi console shooter so they can do something really unique and inventive like... a sci-fi console shooter...
  • I heard this game will be somewhat of a MMO but not really in the sense that when you play you'll go through a matchmaking process and sent into the world with other players. Does this mean that multiplayer is required or can I play single player if I want. Cause im not big on always playing multiplayer
  • A lot of noise is being made about this game. I wish I knew why I should care about it. I'm interested, but are people going crazy over it simply because it's Bungie? I want to know why I should want it. What makes it any different from all the other shooters currently on the market, or the inevitable hundreds more that will be coming with next-gen?
  • Looks like it'll be a lot of fun. Won't decide which console I go with until they release though.

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