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  • Forum Post: Demon's Souls solutions

    Alright I understand that there are probably a load of help threads strewn through out the web, but I'm planting a small mini guide for those who tend to come here to read up on Demon's Souls. For new players after beating your first boss, your going to want to beef up what ever stats that is...
  • Forum Post: Anyone home? Haha

    I love both Demon's Souls and Borderlands. They are currently the games I play the most by far. I have already finished both games and are playing a new game + on both of them now and have yet to grow tired or either one. I highly recommend both games. Demon's Souls is certainly not for the faint...
  • Forum Post: The demon that pisses you off the most.

    I love this game, I love the challenge of the game, but one thing I ABSOLUTELY hate, well I should say demons I hate are the stingray-like creatures that fly around and shoot homing spears at you .. >=I .. lol
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