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Anyone home? Haha

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  • Don't know about you guys but i plan on buying a ps3 in like 2weeks so I can play this game along with borderlands. Plus i wanted to play all those awesome looking ps3 exclusives.


    There has to be more people here interested in this game.

    Get Some!

  • To be honest I've heard nothing about it. The screenshots look nice, but I would like to read up on this one.

    First the window, then it's to the wall. Lil' Jon, he always tells the truth.

  • It's a hardcore Action/RPG. What i mean by hardcore is, its not an easy game its really difficult and you die a lot.

    You can also summon up to 2 other people in your game world to play along with you

    Get Some!

  • I can say that Im not a fan of really hard games, or RPG's all that much. mostly because they are usually really hard. But I can't wait to pick up this game. Im willing to die. Im willing to die alot. As long as that means I get to play this great looking game.

  • I'm hoping to get a crack at this game soon!  I am not usually into RPGs but I like to play them to see if I ever change my opinion toward them.  You were asking about exclusives.  Uncharted 2 all the way!!!  No joke, the best game I have EVER played.  Just like playing a role in a movie.  Great multiplayer too!

  • I love both Demon's Souls and Borderlands. They are currently the games I play the most by far. I have already finished both games and are playing a new game + on both of them now and have yet to grow tired or either one. I highly recommend both games.

    Demon's Souls is certainly not for the faint of heart gamers due to it's difficult nature. For me though that's what made it so much fun and rewarding.

    The online multiplayer is the most unique way of using online gaming I've seen in a really long time. I put this game up there with the greats. I would certainly suggest getting this game right NOW!!!!

    If you get either of these games look me up and we can get some multiplayer action on, that's where these games truly shine.

    PSN ID:  Eyes_Alive

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