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Demon's Souls Blog Guidelines
  • Deep in the Stonefang Tunnels

    The air down here isn't what you'd expect. Normally mines are damp, rank, chilly places but the air in here is thick with sticky heat. I gaze up at the neighboring column as I cross the open expanse. The light of those infernal salamanders flickers... More
  • Almost like a survival-RPG.There's something about it's sadistic/morbid world and gameplay that I like.

    Demon's Souls is like no other RPG I've played.It feels like it belongs in a different subgenre(perhaps it could be labelled a survival RPG).The reason I say this is it makes you work very hard to survive in the game.It's an action RPG,but... More
  • A monstrously difficult, but incredibly rewarding RPG

    Gamers often decry the lack of challenge in modern gaming compared to the games of old, with quicksaves, regenerating health, streamlined mechanics and difficulty selection. While one could argue it's a result of a growing audience and that these... More
  • Ehhh....

    Why did I even bother to purchase this game? I read tons of reviews about it but I still wanted to give it a try. Big mistake. This game is truly the hardest game I have ever played and that is enough for me to just hate it. Worst. Game. Ever. More
  • A journey for the lost- a Demon's Souls review

    Demon's souls is a personal favorite of mine for many reasons. It's one of a few games that make you feel lonely and helpless, like you have no chance, and in reality, you shouldn't. The story is about ancient magic that uses people's... More
  • A Death Worth Living

    I shall start off this review with thefact that you will die alot. But with those deaths come the knowledge that enables you to overcome these obstacles. Each time I died I admit I was a bit jaded, but the next time I gt to that part in a level I knew... More
  • A Sharp and Pointy Diamond in the Rough

    Demon's Souls flew under many peoples radars. It's sad how many people have not experienced the tortuously hard yet endlessly rewarding experience. In an age where many games hold your hand Demon's Soul's is a game with substantial challenge... More
  • Absolutely Glorious.

    Having been playing this game since the week of its release I can honestly say it is in my top 5 games of the current generation of consoles. For starters, the game is gorgeous. Not one time did I ever think an area or character looked shabby compared... More
  • Fun Game

    You are a brave warrior who ends up stuck in a purgatory-like area called The Nexus. This Nexus is home to 6 archstones (leading to worlds), which serve the purpose of keeping an evil known as The Old One sealed away, thus keeping the land of Boletaria... More
  • Demon's Souls

    This game is outstanding... no game out there is like it. In modern gaming, most games are 9 year old friendly, which is why Modern Warfare 2 is filled with young players... not this game. this game will break your controller while breaking your spirit... More
  • The most Innovative and Punishing RPG

    This game is freaking hard and there is no way to beat without dying a bazillion times. With that being said it is the most intense and addictive game I have played in a long, LONG time. I jumped out the window buying this one, basing it only off of a... More
  • Very Difficult And Time Consuming

    The game has an original story and concept. Very nice visual effects. The combat is frustrating at times because you can easily become staggered and be killed by an enemy who you are vastly more powerful than if 2 or 3 of them attack you at once. The... More
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