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  • Blog Post: Ehhh....

    Why did I even bother to purchase this game? I read tons of reviews about it but I still wanted to give it a try. Big mistake. This game is truly the hardest game I have ever played and that is enough for me to just hate it. Worst. Game. Ever. More
  • Blog Post: A journey for the lost- a Demon's Souls review

    Demon's souls is a personal favorite of mine for many reasons. It's one of a few games that make you feel lonely and helpless, like you have no chance, and in reality, you shouldn't. The story is about ancient magic that uses people's own souls in order to cast spells and such. The king... More
  • Blog Post: Very Difficult And Time Consuming

    The game has an original story and concept. Very nice visual effects. The combat is frustrating at times because you can easily become staggered and be killed by an enemy who you are vastly more powerful than if 2 or 3 of them attack you at once. The fact that souls function as both money and experience... More
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