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  • Blog Post: A monstrously difficult, but incredibly rewarding RPG

    Gamers often decry the lack of challenge in modern gaming compared to the games of old, with quicksaves, regenerating health, streamlined mechanics and difficulty selection. While one could argue it's a result of a growing audience and that these measures serve to remove frustrating "false difficulty"... More
  • Blog Post: A journey for the lost- a Demon's Souls review

    Demon's souls is a personal favorite of mine for many reasons. It's one of a few games that make you feel lonely and helpless, like you have no chance, and in reality, you shouldn't. The story is about ancient magic that uses people's own souls in order to cast spells and such. The king... More
  • Blog Post: Absolutely Glorious.

    Having been playing this game since the week of its release I can honestly say it is in my top 5 games of the current generation of consoles. For starters, the game is gorgeous. Not one time did I ever think an area or character looked shabby compared to the rest of the environment. The voiceovers for... More
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