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Deep in the Stonefang Tunnels

The air down here isn't what you'd expect. Normally mines are damp, rank, chilly places but the air in here is thick with sticky heat. I gaze up at the neighboring column as I cross the open expanse. The light of those infernal salamanders flickers in the misty dark but they are too distant to be of any concern. My attention falls to my feet. Runes are scratched on the floor here, warning of an ambush ahead. I offer a quick prayer of thanks and move forward slowly, alert.

The enemy springs his trap too soon and a large boulder shatters harmlessly on the bridge ahead. The ambusher follows his trap off a ledge above and lands with a thud. I raise my mace in salute as the soulless dregling charges straight ahead, its red-hot blade cocked back for an obvious thrust. I parry it wide and deliver the spiked point of my mace into its filthy abdomen. It doubles over, more from the force of the impact than any perception of pain that it might feel, just as I lift the mace high overhead and bring it down hard. The impact caves in its face and sends gore across the bridge as I step over its ruined corpse and continue on my path.

On the other side of the bridge the presence of thick spider webs and dissected corpses speaks of something far more sinister. Almost subconsciously my hand moves to the holy symbol on my belt as I ready my shield and press onwards. Whatever made these webs is enormous. I scan the ceiling as I creep into another cavern coated in webs. Ahead is a lift device. I turn the crank and the platform lurches as I begin to descend into the fetid mists of the lower mine.

At the bottom the heat is oppressive, a sticky film clings to my body as I approach a mist-shrouded corridor. As I'd seen before in Boletaria the mist is tangible and I am forced to press my way through. Once on the other side, however, the mist behind me coalesces into a solid wall.

I am trapped.

The one-way tunnel ahead is suddenly obscured by a spider of unbelievable size. I steel myself, shield high, as I charge towards this foe, mace lifted behind me. "God give me strength!" I pray as the hideous beast lowers its demonic head and suddenly spits fire at me! The impact on my shield is tremendous and stops me in my tracks as blisters raise on my left arm. Determined, I lower my defense and run fill sprint at the monster. Its head lifts above the tunnel mouth and it shoots something from its abdomen. I bring my shield up but whatever it is it strikes me and envelopes me. It's webbing. The strands are like ropes clinging to my body as I struggle to move forwards. The demon lowers its head, eight devilish eyes burning into me as it once again spits flame at me. I try to bring my shield up but the webs cling fast. In a panic I tug and tug but to no avail. The sticky, tar-like burning substance engulfs my body. The pain is unmeasureable, I can literally feel my flesh sloughing off my bones as my lungs incinerate. My vision melts in white-hot flame and I know that I have died.

Only, I can't die. Not here. Not in Boletaria. My essence reforms in the Nexus yet again. The look on my face is one of grim annoyance as I stomp back towards the archstone yet again.

God, I hate spiders.

  • Excellent man! Your description is better than the experience of Demon's Souls itself. Look at the bright side it isn't a horrible tarantula ala Resident Evil, it's more like a robot-spider. I had so much agony to survive in Demon's Souls that even though I'm arachnophobic, the instinct of survival was stronger.