Demon's souls is a personal favorite of mine for many reasons. It's one of a few games that make you feel lonely and helpless, like you have no chance, and in reality, you shouldn't.
     The story is about ancient magic that uses people's own souls in order to cast spells and such. The king of Boletaria used a great spell that used so many souls that it awakened the old one, a huge beast, that, when awakened, kills everyone with demons. The demons hunt people for their souls, and they can't get enough. It's like catnip for demons. when demons feed on souls they get stronger and they get addicted to the power and become slaves to the old one. Anyways, your hero goes to Boletaria to find the old one. Then the insanity insues.
Enough of the story, lets get to the details of the game. The gameplay is down right brutal, so expect to die multiple times. Although I died alot from enemies and bosses, I never died of anything control wise, except for falling off of a ledge, but that was my own dumb fault. The bosses in the game are so big and aggressive looking you just think that theres no way you can beat them, although you can summon some help, which brings me to...multiplayer.

     The multiplayer in Demon's Souls is somewhat hard to explain. I'll try my best. Around the world in Demon's Souls, if your online, you'll see these red and blue rectangles on the ground. The red ones are messages. These can be helpful messages, like "ahead of you lies a trap" or they can be bad messages that lead you into traps and ambushes, so its best to be cautious when ever you see one. The blue rectangles are soul signs. You use these to summon spirits (other players that have died) into your game. Here's where it gets cool. You can summon two other people to help you fight a boss or a black phantom (dead enemy player). If you defeat the boss of that area, those friendly players get revived and can continue on their own journey. There are also bloodstains of fallen players that show how he/she died, showing you if there is danger afoot, and apparitions of ghosts that may show you something you missed. It's a very intriguing concept that I hope they improve on for Dark Souls.

     The music in Demon's Souls is a bit depressing. I think that was what they were going for and they nailed it, It really does make you feel like "How am I going to get past this level!" The sounds in this game are very creepy too. Theres a level I think called Latveria in the game and your in these jail cells and its very dim and the dark music with the moans of the prisoners make the area very creepy. Not a place to relax. 

Heres a preview of the opening video with some great music.


Not creeped out? I don't want to meet you.

Demon's souls is a very good game featuring a new game+ mode for exellent replayability, a great story, with very brutal yet rewarding gameplay , and an eerie atmosphere that really makes this game a classic. If your looking for a game thats not expensive ( its $19.99 at Gamestop) this is an excellent game that every Ps3 owner needs to experience.