Demon's Souls flew under many peoples radars. It's sad how many people have not experienced the tortuously hard yet endlessly rewarding experience. In an age where many games hold your hand Demon's Soul's is a game with substantial challenge. Their are three "major" weapon types you can use. Magic, ranged and melee. However, it is extremely difficult to advance in the game using only one variation of combat. You will find yourself using a medley of different weapon and spells. One of the more difficult aspects of the game is the fluid combat that plays out like a puzzle for each enemy. As you progress through the game you will learn to use certain techniques on one enemy type and a whole other on another. In a sense the combat is extremely realistic and requires players to hone their skills. It is extremely satisfying to start off as such as weak character and then evolve into a fullly capable adventurer. The overworld of Demon's Souls, called Boletaria, is broken into 5 different regions that utilize many different settings and enemies. The atmosphere for the game is actually one of my favorite parts. I love the dark fantasy theme and the level design for each region (Particularly Boletarian Castle). The game is brutally hard but trains the player into thinking about their actions and taking their time through the many dungeons. Small gripes I have with the game were some framrate issues and an overall genaric story. However these problems did not take me out of the role of starting as a complete novice who died at the hands of a low level enemy to an invincible feeling warrior at the end. Demon's Souls is such a great game that shines brightly in the sea of easy games. Even if you are scared that the difficulty level is too daunting heed my advice and at least try it. It is relatively cheap at Gamestop and I think you'll find that Demon's Souls is a game that should not be missed.