This game is freaking hard and there is no way to beat without dying a bazillion times. With that being said it is the most intense and addictive game I have played in a long, LONG time. I jumped out the window buying this one, basing it only off of a few articles in GI and the ads on Gamespot. The sheer design and innovativness of this game speak volumes about how great it is. When you are going thru a board the first time you will die till you get the hang of it, then you die again. The boss battles are amazing and the entire experience is rewarding but the wildest thing is the crazy innovative online play which you'll literately have to see to believe. You can actually see people playing the game with you as ghost. They dont affect you but you have the ability to channel them or they can channel you to help them in there universe. Once again this game is a absolute MUST play!!