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  • Blog Post: Demon’s Souls Director Discusses Difficulty, Sequels, And More

    Though I went into Demon’s Souls slightly terrified by the stories I’d heard of its intense difficulty, I ended up loving it (just read my review to see how much). Impressed by how the game came together but a bit confused as to why I enjoyed it so much in spite (or perhaps because of) the... More
  • Blog Post: From Software Gives RPG Players Tough Love

    On the second stage of Demon’s Souls, I conquered a dragon. I encountered the beast in the very first area during a tense set piece where I had to dodge blasts of fire while sprinting across a bridge. It was in the second stage that I realized I could actually hurt the gigantic creature. I climbed... More
  • Blog Post: Possibly The Most Hardcore Game Ever

    This Japanese import has a bounty of treasures. Its deep brawler-like combat varies radically depending on what type of weapon you use, whom you’re fighting, and how you’ve built your character. The rich atmosphere created by its stunning visuals and outstanding audio is often creepy, sometimes... More
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