Demon Gaze is a new RPG for the Vita that should satisfy anyone with an itch for old school dungeon crawlers. The debut trailer does not reveal much about the gameplay, but judging from the screenshots this looks to be a no-nonsense RPG dungeon crawler of yesteryear, with a whimsical fantasy storyline to go along with it.

The main character is Oz, who awakens to find himself in Misred—a cursed land at the world's western frontier—with a dark shroud covering the memories of his past. The land before him contains many labyrinths that hold both treasure and danger in equal volumes. Oz, as any adventurer with amnesia should, decides to take up arms in order to hunt down artifacts and work together with the new characters he meets. He is a “Demon Gazer,” which is a mystery as of now to what that implies.

The new trailer shows off a wealth of the characters in the game, and also promises character creation, though it is not specified how that will be implemented yet. Demon Gaze will not be out until early 2014, so look for more information as it gets closer to release.