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Fortune And Glory Await Ark Hunters In New Story Trailer

It's easy to mistake MMOs for a series of unrelated fetch quests, but the good ones have an interesting story to tell. Defiance is an ambitious project, combining a new SyFy television series with Trion Worlds' open-world, persistent shooter.

The story needs to be balanced and complete enough independently while still offering something for those engaged in both halves of the experience. In this latest trailer, Trion Worlds gives players a look at life as an ark hunter. Finding new technology, fighting hellbugs, and laying waste to the mutant menace are all in a day's work on the frontier. 

Defiance is currently getting its first major patch, though not without a few hiccups. You can check out our impressions and listen in on the most recent episode of Respec Radio for our take on the game.

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  • Hopefully the arkfall raid showed here will be added because it looks much closer to how the show describes arkfalls as compared to what we are experiencing in the game... lovin the game so far tho haven't been hooked like this in a while

  • when i saw this article on the home page, i thought deckard cain?
  • I said I was done!
  • Kinda looks Firefly-ish. Interesting.
  • Cool, cool.
  • I look forward to when this game is not buggy as hell, so that I may try it. The 64 vs 64 PVP is -very- intriguing, as does the prospect of transmedia choices and actions.
  • Looks fun. I'll check it out after they work out all of the 'bugs'. Get it?!?!?!
  • Interesting.

  • About this game: I am curious who at syfy thought to use Trion to make a game? I would like to know how this barely beta got released and love that they made sure to cover their butts in the NOT a game manual but a legal disclaimer that this game WHEN they give up on it because it is failed work as another game they put out; tells you that they can take this game offline today and we have nothing but useless plastic discs and can say nothing more than thanks for the joke. Very very sad game. Today's games should never have such a lack of industry standards in not just mmo's but fps as well. We are the ones who suffer sadly for extremely poor decision making. What I also want to know is why and how people defend it such an obvious disrespectful offense this is to us as customers spending our money to pay for substandard product; would you let me sell you a Lamborghini with pleather and a lawn mower motor for an engine? Furthermore: this is another leech game, thinking they can sell us the rest of a game barely worth playing so they can bleed us til everyone is sick of trying as a player to make this game worth playing to us. Look at skyrim, cod etc; these games don't ask us to buy better gear to make their game fun, who are these people to give us a lesser game and then expect us to pay more to make it better when even then it fails to meet the quality of its peers. Sheer arrogance IMHO.
  • Really enjoying this game. Recorded the show last night but haven't gotten around to watching it yet.
  • makes me want to play fallout. but then everything makes me want to play fallout..

  • I love playing this game! I welcome all new content for it. Keep em' coming. I haven't had this much fun playing a game in a while.

  • Video needs more hellbugs.

  • sounds great!