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See The Future In Defiance Trailer

Trion's upcoming shooter/MMO is playable on 360, PS3, and PC. Check out the teaser trailer within.

Trion is trying a couple of innovate ideas in its upcoming game, Defiance. First, the game will have 360, PS3, and PC players together on the same servers, working together to conquer the game's challenges. The game also ties into an upcoming SyFy network TV show that will roll out along with the game.

We've got extensive impressions of the early demo for the game available here. Or check out the very pretty (but very lacking in information) teaser trailer below.

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  • Firstly, finding the time to play this is going to be tough.
    In between ME 3 and Skyrim...
    Right after that, Hitman etc...
    Soon after THAT... StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.
    Then finally, maybe I'll get around to playing this. xd
  • Cool.

  • Really a MMO? Disappointing.
  • I'm having a very hard time believing a new MMO will ever see the light of day on the 360. It never seems to work out and it always seems to be because of Microsoft. I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Could be cool. As long as it doesn't incorporate to much rpg in it.

  • Trion has proven themselves to be pretty *** solid.

    Rift is probably one of the best MMOs to release since WoW.  That's not saying too much but it proves they know a thing or two.  

  • I take it Daniel Craig will not be starring in this game?

  • Two GIANT red flags for this game: 1) It claims to bring all 3 major platforms together. Several MMOs have claimed this intent from the outset, and all have failed. 2) They're working with SyFy. I mean, seriously. Come on. That's like saying that you're working with Acme to make a quality automobile.
  • Call me naive, but I'm actually (sort of?) looking forward to this.  That being said, something like this has never succeeded before, atleast not to my knowledge.  Having an MMO with dedicated servers for all three platforms (with 360, PS3 and PC gamers playing together) will be no easy feat.

  • I wish more genres of games would integrate servers across platforms, I would love being able to play an FPS against people playing on a different platform

  • Why is there grass growing on a bridge?

  • I'm intrigued, I wish more games were cross platform and an MMO on consoles is interesting and a natural step even though none have worked out so well yet, I hope they can pull it off.  

  • I am intrigued this game looks promising :)

  • Love that SyFy is taking the reigns on video game movies and TV. Here is to hoping for a SyFy Halo movie.

  • I wonder how hard this project is going to fall on it's face? Ambitious to say the least...

  • Yeah, that tells me a ton. But otherwise, kinda another been there done that Alien take over type game.