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Deep Down

Dragon-Slaying Action Set In A 2094 New York

Capcom revealed more information about its upcoming game Deep Down, the title it showed during Sony's first PlayStation 4 event. The trailer showed a surprising setting, as well as a few additional glimpses of some unsettling enemies.

Deep Down features randomly generated dungeons and loot, and is being developed as a PS4 exclusive by  Capcom Online Games. We still don't know if the characters are battling it out in the streets of the future, or if it's Assassin's Creed-style window dressing for a world within a world. Capcom is saying that the game will be playable at TGS later this month.


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  • Aw sweet Dark Souls.....wait a minute.

  • I've been very impressed by this game so far, but this setting intrigues me. A Sci-Fi Medieval hybrid? I'm onboard.

  • this looks twice as interesting as the trailer they showed before. now im interested for the first time in it, but i'll have to wait for more info.

  • posy

  • Even if capcom screws the story with this one, it still has potential. Lets just hope the combat is up to snuff.

  • Looks like capcom is stepping up their game.Although i mised most of their recent installments after re5 they havent made a new IP aside from dragons dagama (im sure they were waiting for next gen).

  • Demon Souls Demon Souls Demon Souls Demon Souls Demon Souls DEMON SOULS/ Because Of The Resemblance I Am Excited..Music Sounds Great, Too.

  • Absolutely nothing excited me about this trailer

  • Looks cool, curious to see actual gameplay. Thanks for the GI!

  • did dark souls and assasins creed have a baby?

  • Capcom better not mess this up.