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Deep Down

Teaser Shows Off Subterranean Scares

When last we saw the game currently known as Deep Down, it was on stage at the PlayStation 4 reveal. Today, Capcom has let loose some more details about the title.

According to 4Gamer (translated using Google), Deep Down is an online game, though that could mean many things. MMOs, Monster Hunter-like titles, and Diablo 3 are all technically "online games."

We'll know more in September when Capcom shows the title off at the Tokyo Game Show.

[Source: 4Gamer]

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  • Me gusta. We need more horror esque games. Not sure about the online thing, if it's like Diablo 3 - no thanks. I like to have the option to play offline. Especially with the amount that Time Warner cable is out of service. Still, maybe they're doing something interesting with the online (like how Destiny seems to work).

    Edit: Also, there seems to be a bear-man like pig between the flashes of the weird cloak monster.
  • Looks like an Apostle from Berserk. If the lore is anything like that then im pretty much on board.

  • I love the monster designs, but I'm also really hoping there's a single player option for whatever this ends up being.
  • Can't wait for this game.. loved Dragon's Dogma.. hope it's similar.

  • I kind of forgot about this game. It's nice to see something new.

  • Hmm... Online, eh? I find my high hopes for this game diminishing.
  • Short, but interesting trailer. I'm still intrigued by this game when it was shown at E3. Hopefully more information arises soon.

  • I have been waiting to hear more about this game since the February reveal.  I was surprised nothing was released during E3 (that I saw) and am glad that there will be info available soon.  It looked cool and I enjoyed Dragon's Dogma so I would definitely want to see more of this title.

  • I'm always interested in what comes out of the Capcom camp... I look forward to seeing more on this title.

  • I hope they're using the online model that Monster Hunter Frontier had, minus the subscription fee. This game looks like it could be a much darker (and advanced) Monster Hunter style game.

  • This had been one of the games I was most interested in on the ps4. But I didn't realize it was a capcom game. I cannot remember the last capcom game I actually liked, RE4?? I'm way less hopeful now, but maybe they'll prove me wrong.
  • I still think its gonna be Dragon's Dogma 2 eventually.
  • I didn't know this game was going to offer scares. Makes me excited, actually.
  • From the preview they showed, it didn't look like it was going to be scary at all. This changes things...

  • This was the demo at the PlayStation reveal that got me really excited about the ps4. I mean, how can you have a console reveal and no dragon? (ahem...xbone) That being said, I just hope this game sees the light of day. One of the article's above mentions Breath of Fire VI and a lot of other titles from Capcom coming to IOS, citing financial troubles.
  • If this ends up being for PS4 only I might have to re-think getting an XBox One. The only other exclusive Sony has that appealed to me we The Order but if they got this.....damn lol.
  • Didnt care for the game at the reveal, but this actually looks interesting. Still dont know much about this game though...and the online game thing is a little off putting for someone who prefers to game solo most of the time.

  • Wasn't this the same company that was just recently saying that there's no place in mainstream gaming for survival horror?

  • Why did it have to stop to buffer right at 0:26?

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