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Deception IV: Blood Ties

Tecmo Drops Four Gruesome Deception IV Trailers

Tecmo Koei's Deception IV: Blood Ties is sticking close to the original series' bloodthirsty skullduggery, and four new trailers prove it.

If you're not familiar with Deception, it's basically a deadly game of Mousetrap that invites the player to kill off invading enemies by setting diabolical traps in a mysterious castle.

For a little of Deception's history, watch our Super Replay of Trapt (which is part of the Deception series but was marketed under a different name for some reason). It's definitely one of the oddball franchises in gaming history.


  • Fun fun fun! Can't wait for next Tuesday.

  • This actually may be perfect for the playstation Vita, since you don't have to pain stakingly move one square at a time to place traps you can (hopefully) touch where you want to set them.
  • You guys will have to super replay this someday.

  • Omg this game... And now they lose clothing when they lose hp!? Oh man...

  • Well interesting game. Tactical through the use of Traps. Maybe worth a look for the Vita after all.

  • Hopefully it features at least one flying fire kick.

  • I hope you guys do a test chamber of this and get Dan to man the helms again just like the super replay.

  • Super Replay...or a long Test Chamber?

  • I had no idea they were still making games for the Xbox and PS2. :)