Independent game developer Ambient Studios is inviting players to become Grim T. Livingstone, a freelance reaper who is bringing death to 1660's England. Death Inc. is in development for PC and Mac and delivers what Ambient calls "streamlined strategy, with no micromanagement or complex menus. Paint your orders into the land and unleash your infected minions on serfs, wenches, and noblemen." Ambient hopes to fund the game through Kickstarter starting on February 4.

Grim can unleash the bubonic plague upon cities, and call upon plague rats and exploding livestock to bring in souls for his start-up reaping business. Since most people don't want to die, they'll fight back. Some wield sticks and pitchforks, others use muskets and bows. Once their souls are taken, Grim can exchange them for new abilities and bonuses.

Ambient Studios is home to former LittleBigPlanet, Burnout, and Fable developers. Death Inc. is listed as "coming soon" on Ambient's website, and appears to be one of two projects in the works at this studio.