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New Deadpool Screens

Activision released a bunch of new screens for its Deadpool game, due out sometime next year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is being shown at Gamescom this week, so check back with us for our impressions so far.

The screenshots are posted in the gallery below.

  • Meh. A Deathstroke game would be better.

  • Looks quite well

  • I can't wait to throw someone offa this. Deadpool is my favorite character.

  • I see a bounce house!!!

  • "I call this one...death metal". Haha

  • I wonder why it's not coming to PC.

  • This Game is looking to be on a level of EPICOCITY!!!!!!!

  • Even if this game sucks, I'd still probably get it haha

  • cool

  • The actual gameplay screens don't look that impressive.
  • This one looks like it can be great if they can adapt Deadpool's killer humor and deranged mental state right.

  • That screen with him on the couch is good 'ol Deadpool.

  • It needs a separate cooperative campaign where you and a group a friends play the dead-corps.


    Lady Deadpool



    And Headpool.