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New Deadpool Screens

Activision released a bunch of new screens for its Deadpool game, due out sometime next year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is being shown at Gamescom this week, so check back with us for our impressions so far.

The screenshots are posted in the gallery below.

  • They say concept art, but I hope those comic sans thought bubbles show up in-game.

  • The original Gun Kata master

  • Looking good!!

  • baaahhhh go the sheep. follow the herd and everything will work out.
  • just the way deadpool pokes out of the sental head excites me for this game

  • I can already feel the awesome

  • Awesome screenshots! Can't wait to play! Bang bang bang lol

  • "I can't wait to throw some one off'a this"

    Epic foreshadowing?

  • Great screenshot's are great but I want a Gameplay trailer.

  • Looks interesting, hope they will go Arkham City direction but with gore (lot's of gore). Can't wait to see gameplay.

  • His hands are huge.

  • i hope they keep this art style and just go crazy with it

  • I can only take Deadpool in small doses.  His character is like a Saturday night live script; funny in small doses but obnoxious as a movie.  

  • Now this looks like a Deadpool game that i want to play.

  • I hope this games has a mission/free roam gameplay style kind of like Spiderman 2 but crisp.

  • Game looks visually impressive i wonder it will play as well.

  • Cant wait.  So far im still psyched.  

    What we do need though is a gameplay demo, so all skepticism can be either valid or can become null and void.

  • Hey it looks neat.

  • Still the coolest looking character ever imo. I remember finally finding an action figure of him when I was 6, so pumped. Knew nothing about the actual character, and when I did, became my favourite character of all time. You're welcome in advance for the cool story, bro's :)

  • Looks solid.