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"And that's for not taking me to the Prom."

Deadpool. Before I played the game I really never thought of him too much. I read one of the new comics where he killed some novel characters.He was pretty funny, but I didn't become some fan girl who became obsessed. I didn't understand why so many people liked him to be honest.

Then I played the game. He is hilarious! I got to know more about the character and more of his wacky personality. I liked the fact he knew he was the  video game character and that it is, "his game". The best part you can choice an option to either go with his personality or lay off. Plus the voice acting was so amazing. The way Nolan North brought this character to life is incredible. I was first worried about the voice since I couldn't really see anyone playing this character, but he pulled it off.

This game was something different, which we need in the gaming world. To be honest there wasn't any good comic book games. Batman: Arkham Asylum prove to us that there can be great games. I wouldn't say Deadpool is a Game of the Year nomination. Just I believe it will be a underrated game.
It's a good game to play and just enjoy. It's a game you can sit down, relax and drink a beer. Hell even eat pancakes and chimichangas. 

I recommend this game to anyone who loves Deadpool. Because you will enjoy it. :]

  • So you think there aren't any good comic based games that precede Batman: Arkham Asylum?
    You should check out The Adventures of Batman & Robin then. Challenging SNES game that nailed the look of the cartoon. Or the X-Men Arcade game. Classic brawler. Or how about Marvel Ultimate Alliance? Great brawler with rpg-lite elements and a good cast of characters (including Deadpool).
  • I have the game and don't think the review Game Informer gave it justifies it. I love the game and love the character Deadpool and I am very happy with the game even with it's minor flaws which I believe can be fixed with patches. If you love Deadpool then there is no reason not to get this game!

  • Huge Comic Book Fan and Dead Pool is not for kids. Way over the top. Dead Pool is highly complicated and tragic character; loved playing the character in Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2. Did reserve and picked up the game. Havent had time to play it yet.

    Informed parents why it is M Rated and gave background on the character's psychological and tragic experiment from Weapon X.

    For adults, indulge have fun with Dead Pool I know I will