As someone who is a longtime fan of Deadpool and the Marvel Comics I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I heard Deadpool was getting his own game. Don't get me wrong, I always felt as if he deserved his own game but I didn't think a studio could do it justice. Then one a random day, I happened to see the announcement trailer. Once I heard that familiar voice, I knew it was going to be great. Deadpool is one hell of a ride from start to finish and is something any fan of comics should pick up.

The story starts with Deadpool in his apartment. That's when his trademark humor really kicks in. You can honestly tell Nolan North had a blast voicing the character and his multiple voices and the humor never becomes grating. I have laughed more during the course of this game than i have to most comedies.

The combat is almost perfect. Almost. Your attacks don't really feel like they have any weight behind and for the most part, I stick with the SMGs and Katanas. Though, there is a ton of upgrades and there is a play style for everyone. Do you like shotguns and hammers that trade speed for brute force? Go for it. Do you like it the other way around? Go ahead. Once you get into your own groove, you feel like a super powered bad-ass and the game shines.

The graphics are great. They really give off a comic book feel and the backgrounds are great. Everything fits great together and nothing seems out of place. The game runs super smooth and I have hardly ever noticed any hiccup from the frame rate when the action picks up.

Speaking of action, the set pieces are fantastic. Ever wanted to take a Sentinel's arm and blast away enemies? You got it. How about rocketing around in a foot with a turret as you blast away hordes of baddies? It's right here.

The challenge mod offers a whole separate mini game as well. As you complete levels, you unlock stages to test your mettle against baddies as the clock runs down. It starts off easy enough but once the difficulty increases, you need to adopt certain strategies for the different types of enemies that come raining down on you.

That's not to say that Deadpool is without its faults. Sometimes the camera gets turned around in combat. Once the screen gets filled with baddies and the action becomes hectic, you really lose track of Deadpool in the mob and the camera seems to have a mind of its own. But by far my biggest complaint is the mapping of the counter button and the teleporter button. They are the same button and it can be cumbersome when you get stuck in a corner or trying to escape from a mob. There's really not a diverse selection of enemies either and the only difference you really see is when they are glowing blue.

Overall, Deadpool is one highly enjoyable game. He is lewd, crude, and full of piss and vinegar but I bet you won't laugh this hard during any game this year. Give it a try and I promise you, you'll have a blast.