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Hahaha looks like dudes neck is broken the pic he's lookin at the girl

  • Wow, way to NOT write a review

  • hmm, so you wrote a review based on a screenshot? i think it's people like you who ruin the internet for everybody else.

  • Because that makes the game terrible? This kind of garbage is worth banning people.

  • deserved banning.

  • Why on Earth are these one sentence reviews soprevalent these days? Better yet why do we dignify them with responses??

  • the writers just want the 5 free points im assuming. They could just as easily yap about nothing in the forums though.

    Grant, you are fail

  • who keeps track of the points though? If you actually enjoy youre conversations they come in a lot faster....I think anyways. Im level 10 and all I do is blabber away to everyone. But I make points when I do so. Im not farming. Grant, I do not approve of this type of review....tsk tsk wag of the finger all that, but Im sure you will do better next time :D

  • Yawn, ns'more bogus, move on people.

  • freakin stoner writing a non-review. GET A JOB.

  • way to be a retard. you failure. ur probably just tryin 2 squeez out the 5 points outta this. seriosly, quit bein a d***. u people ruin the internet. u should be banned.