Deadly Creatures may look and sound like a let down, don't be fooled, it's not. If you like Animals, or creepy-crawlies and Nintendo like i do, you will love deadly creatures. You start out as a turantula, alternate between it, and a scorpian in between stages. The turantula focuses more on agile hit and run moves, while the scorpian pummels opponents with his tail and claws. The detail in the graphics is phenomanal, and the landscapes are massive. Unfortunatly, this causes load times during stages and frame-rate issues at times. the motion controlled combo moves are a bit wonky, and i have never figuered out how to do some of them. Now for the story. Hollywood big times, Dennis Hopper, and Billy-Bob Thorton star as 2 low-lifes in search for a chest of civil war gold. i won't spoil anything, but an anti-climactic yet halarious end boss fight sums things up with a bang.