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Dead Space 3

Get Ready For Dead Space 3 With Phil Collins

Dead Space 3 is coming next week, so EA and Visceral have decided to release an exciting launch trailer to get everyone excited. That's fairly typical. What isn't typical, is using Phil Collin's "In the air tonight" as the trailer's soundtrack. It's an odd choice, but I think it works. Check it out below.

Dead Space 3 is coming Tuesday, February 5.

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  • Phil collins? My personal favorite...

  • Damn. That's a fine-ass trailer right there.

  • The first few 10 - 20 seconds the song fits but the rest could have had been done better

  • I know what I'll be playing Feb. 5! This, and 6 or 7 other games I'm trying to finish. *facepalm*

  • So after that demo I am seriously considering cancelling my preorder. It was awful; didn't feel at all like the Dead Space I know and love.

    The best part of Dead Space is the heart pounding, sweaty palm moments. The demo doesn't have any of those.
  • Holy crap yes.

  • WHOA, WHOA. This is one of those games were I actually prefer WATCHING people play the game than actually playing myself. Hahah I know. That's weird.

  • Pre-ordered and ready to go.

  • YAY

  • Gave me chills! Can't wait! :D

  • ive never played any of the dead space games but dead space 3 caught my eye