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Dead Space 3

Get Ready For Dead Space 3 With Phil Collins

Dead Space 3 is coming next week, so EA and Visceral have decided to release an exciting launch trailer to get everyone excited. That's fairly typical. What isn't typical, is using Phil Collin's "In the air tonight" as the trailer's soundtrack. It's an odd choice, but I think it works. Check it out below.

Dead Space 3 is coming Tuesday, February 5.

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  • I would actually buy this game if Phil Collins was the composer.
  • wow i thought it said with dead space with phil coulson from shield lol im like whaaaat lol shield in saccccceeeeeeeeeee but i cant waiy to play ds3 tho

  • of course it works! Phil goes with everything!
  • Misleading title.  Who does this version?

  • That's not Phil Collins singing. It's a cover.

  • Super pumped about this

    Can't wait

  • I don't see how Phil Collins' "In the air tonight" fits Dead Space.
  • My thoughts on the DEFIANCE mandatory commercial:  "Oh, that looks interesting..... wait, SyFy??  So it's going to be a B-grade bargain bin video game?"


  • I think this works very well. I love it

  • Even if it maybe, sort of works, it's still crap.  I think any song would have been cooler.  I just thought of "Toys in the Attic" by Aerosmith...totally random and makes no sense, but still seems cooler than this.  

  • man, i love phil collins...his music is excellent for any situations

  • Phil Collins...nice choice!

  • I think Queen's "Bicycle" would have been more appropriate.
  • I was expecting so much worse from something with Phil Collins in the title.

  • Not gonna lie I dig the Halo 3 trailer rip off at the end there(idk if Halo 3 was the first to do a trailer in that fashion just that's what comes to mind). Overall I've got high hopes for DS3 seeing as both portions of the demo didn't disappoint and DS2 was a good improvement over DS.

  • Was that live-action Gunnar Wright?

  • Anyone else wondering why he is blocking the wind from blowing in his face even though he is wearing a helmet?
  • this is DA GAME.

  • this is DA GAME.