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Dead Space 3

Newest Dead Space 3 Trailer Gives You Two Ways To Play

The latest Dead Space 3 trailer shows a little bit of single-player, and little bit of co-op multiplayer.

After Dead Space 3's E3 showing, which featured an action-heavy sequence in brightly-lit snow, many were understandably concerned that Dead Space 3 may not be as scary as the first two games. This newest trailer seems to curb that fear of a lack of fear somewhat, with lots of scary-looking stuff.

Dead Space 3 is set for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. and PC on February 5.

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  • Dead Space 1 was the best but the second one was great too. Wasn't as "scary" but it made sense in the context of the game and the universe. Also, I LOVED that Isaac was going insane. I'm looking forward to this game and all the changes, but ONLY if the make sense in the context of where the universe is heading. To me, continuity is the most important part.
  • Does anybody know if there will be a Collector's Edition for Dead Space 3? I been doing some research but I can not find anything about it. It would be awesome if I could get my hands on an Issac statue or a plasma cutter!!
  • Looking forward to this. I bet that at the end of the co-op campaign, one or both characters will be hallucinating that their ally has become a necromorph so the two have to take each other down. At least, I think that would be a great way to end the campaign.

  • Good part: Looks Awesome, Bad Part: No competitive multiplayer...
  • Sweeeeet!

  • Intriguing new trailer.

  • People can say what they want about this game trying to be like other games they tried to mix it up its called change its a good thing or else it would be dead space 2 in snow. The reason for releasing a new game is so that it can be new have new things in it try new ideas and that's exactly what they are doing.

  • This game looks awesome. Also all the haters should STFU about how this game sucks  before they try it.

  • I can't wait to play this its gonna be awesome.

  • This made me even more excited for Deadspace 3, can't wait for it to come out!

  • Oh man, a must buy for me.

  • Ohmyword YES! This has me excited about gaming again.

  • Not on Wii U. Awwwww **BRAAAHHHH**

  • This is only online co-op? I've now lost all hope for Dead Space 3.

  • You wants to bet that your co-op partner is really gonna be one of Issac's hallucinations

  • I might skip this like I did with Condemned 2 but reviews and general opinion may sway me.

  • I'ts nice to see a co-op DS without having to worry about a stupid AI

  • Can...Not...Wait...Dead Space is one of my favorite franchises of all time and I've been gaming since '77. How sweet would a good movie franchise be?

  • Man this is going to be one of the best games (of this genre) of all time! It better be as heart pumping as the previous games. Now that there is gonna be Co-op, more people are gonna buy it. Game on my fellow gamers! -ClassifiedTaco-

  • Does anyone even know why Isaac is going to be on Tau Volantis (this planet, ya know with the snow)?