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Dead Space 3

Newest Dead Space 3 Trailer Gives You Two Ways To Play

The latest Dead Space 3 trailer shows a little bit of single-player, and little bit of co-op multiplayer.

After Dead Space 3's E3 showing, which featured an action-heavy sequence in brightly-lit snow, many were understandably concerned that Dead Space 3 may not be as scary as the first two games. This newest trailer seems to curb that fear of a lack of fear somewhat, with lots of scary-looking stuff.

Dead Space 3 is set for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360. and PC on February 5.

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  • So pumped for Dead Space 3. The after holiday releases are going to be just as good as the pre-holiday blitz. Game on friends
  • Looks like a proper sequel... Still on the fence about the action though.
  • Mod

    Im still excited for the game but they really need to step it up from the previous titles.  I'm also still bummed that it's online co-op only, which will usually mean that I won't be doing any of it.

  • Forget the screaming elevator. I know there will be something more frightening in this chapter.

  • As far as I'm concerned, this isn't dead space. This is gears of space 3... Yet another EA title that has tried to steal fans from another series because they're not confident with their own fanbase. Here, let me predict the future. Dead Space 3 wont sell enough copies, Dead space as a franchise will die.. You know why? Because EA had expectations too high for this game to meet.
  • Single player for me... at least the first time through.

  • Does this mean I'll get to experience less of the Dead Space dementia if I don't/can't play co-op for whatever reason, hypothetically speaking?

    [edit]: I also watched that interview.
  • Gears of Resident Evil-Dead Space 3: Lost Planet
  • Between co-op, Kinect, and the EP saying that they don't make survival horror games, I'm really not sure if I'll be getting this game now. The following quote was taken from an IGN article this morning: Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis said, “I understand we need to have conventions, genres, and stereotypes because that's what people like to speak with, but we make Dead Space. We don't make survival-horror.”
  • Umm. Yeah. Pre-order complete.

  • Co-op actually gives it some replay value so i might pick this up eventually

  • Looking forward to the deeper weapon customization, for sure!  Game looks sick!

  • ....Shivers...

  • oooooh~ interesting.

  • Honestly, this is awesome way to do Co-OP! Already pre-ordered and day one play for sure.....even reading the awesome books within the Dead Space universe! Good stuff!!!

  • Does this have multiplayer in it like Dead space 2 I though it was very fun they just needed to add more to it.
  • I have no doubt that it will be another excellent Dead Space game, both single player & co-op. Personally, it's a must buy.
  • looks cool


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