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  • Blog Post: Buy This Game Now!

    Dead Space is one of my favorite EA titles, aside from Battlefield Bad Company, and this game makes me very happy to be a fan! The game continues a few years after the events of the amazing Dead Space 2 and Issac has move on in his life. Now he has to find the "source" of the Markers and stop... More
  • Blog Post: Less horror, more action, same amazing experience

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE The first two games in the Dead Space series became known for their graphic dismemberment gameplay mechanics, a HUD-less display that helped immerse players in the chilling atmosphere, and an ever-present sense of fear that death could come from anywhere. But... More
  • Blog Post: Dismemberment, Now With Friends!

    Issac Clarke is back and this time he seems relatively safe. However, a message from Ellie saying that she is leaving him are the first words you hear after seeing the "Marker Killer" reminds you that nothing about Issac's life is sunshine and daisies. Next thing Issac knows two armed men... More

    Although I cannot give a true rating for this game, as my brother and I are not finished with it, I can definitely say that I am highly enjoying this game right now. It is a well paced action-horror title, with loads of new features and improvements from the original. This game definitely deserves your... More
  • Blog Post: I'm Dreamin'... of a White... Dead Space!

    Alright, yes, it is the first (and possibly only) game I will give a 10/10 for. It's story has a few hiccups, the opening gives a different vibe than rest of the game will have, and I definitely wish they had expanded on the second act a bit more because oh my gosh that felt so Dead Space 2.0, so... More
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