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  • Blog Post: Buy This Game Now!

    Dead Space is one of my favorite EA titles, aside from Battlefield Bad Company, and this game makes me very happy to be a fan! The game continues a few years after the events of the amazing Dead Space 2 and Issac has move on in his life. Now he has to find the "source" of the Markers and stop... More

    Although I cannot give a true rating for this game, as my brother and I are not finished with it, I can definitely say that I am highly enjoying this game right now. It is a well paced action-horror title, with loads of new features and improvements from the original. This game definitely deserves your... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3 Review by Rafael

    The latest entry into the Dead Space 3 series does not disappoint. The game has now been made to focus a bit more on action, while not necessarily leaving behind the survival horror elements that the series is well known for. That's not to say that the game doesn't have it's share of scares... More
  • Blog Post: Liked the first 2? Buy this. That simple.

    Why the hate for Dead Space 3? The first 2 were really really good. The first one might be the best survival horror game of all time. But to keep doing the exact same thing over and over would get stale so they had to refine and morph it in a VERY slightly different direction that honestly feels natural... More
  • Blog Post: I just beat the game seconds ago!

    This game is an absolute pleasure to play, the score it got isn't bad but this game deserves a perfect 10! The graphics and cinematic scenes look so beautiful, and its also very easy to get sucked into the amazing story! I couldn't have asked for a better dead space 3 game! All I want now is... More
  • Blog Post: A solid Action Game!

    Dead Space 3 is a solid action game, The story line is solid. The voice acting is solid. This isn't Dead Space 2 tho, in my opinion Dead Space 2 is one of the greatest horror games to date, Dead Space 3 lacks tension and brings up the popular demand of more action in a third person shooter. I just... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Space 3: Out Of The Frying Pan

    Minutes into Dead Space 3, you’re traveling through a violent snowstorm. The scene is eerily familiar. Blinding ice and whipping winds give rise to the feelings of suffocation that have become ubiquitous in the Dead Space franchise. Progress a little farther though, and the winds clear, leaving... More
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